Resist Trump by Playing a Video Game

YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT in the game “President Man-Baby”

UPDATE Aug 2020: Game has been polished and is now available for playing and sharing on Facebook! (Play President Man-Baby)

There are a lot of pro journalists dedicated to fighting Trump on a serious level. I don’t have the skills, the drive, the sober nature, or the emotional stamina to do what they do. So I support their efforts with donations, word of mouth, etc.

Even so, I felt I could add more to #TheResistance. What unique contribution could I make? I know I’m good at irreverence (is that really a talent?) I’m good at annoying people (same question) and I’m good at video games.

So I resolved to make a video game. During the brainstorming process I settled on creating a “presidential simulator.” The player would be in Donald Trump’s overly-expensive, poor-quality, Chinese-made shoes.

The end result is President Man-Baby. It’s a free-to-play game on my site, — no ads, it’s free, I don’t save or use your data. You can try it now. You don’t even need an account. (Click here to play!)

You play as the president in a Space Invaders-like game with a few changes. In President Man-Baby you send tweets to defeat facts. If enough facts get unchallenged by tweets, your fact exposure rises. When you are 100% exposed to facts, you cry like a baby and the game is over. To increase your payout dollars before that point, you grab cash or blow a kiss to a Russian oligarch. (Update for 2020: You must also appease these Russian mobsters. If Russian rage gets too high, the game ends. Facts & Russians — you have to deal with them all!)

Playing this game over and over during testing surprised me. It made me feel a passing shred of empathy for this cruel, silly man. Eventually, facts become insurmountable. They come at you at an accelerating pace. You cannot challenge them all. It’s a hopeless, frantic existence that always ends in tears.

I want Trump’s cash grabs, his love for oligarchs, his fact denials, and his crybaby nature to be common wisdom. (More than they already are by honest observers.)

I want his absurd corruption to come to mind as instinctively as the urge to blast aliens in Space Invaders. Will that happen? Who knows? At least we had some fun at his expense.

Game on, resisters! Play President Man-baby today!



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